Kitchen Shortcuts: Homemade Flavored Iced Tea

Take a Shortcut: Iced Tea at Home

I’ll admit making ice tea the traditional way – boiling a pot of water, seeping the tea bags, removing the tea bags, and letting it cool – isn’t the most tedious process one finds doing in the kitchen. But, for some reason the process always seems like such a hassle.

I think my biggest hang up is having to stand around the kitchen to make sure the water doesn’t boil over and then monitoring the tea bags to make sure the tea doesn’t become too bitter. Again, not the most tedious process, but it is time consuming.

Just when I’d given up the thought of making ice tea at home, my coffee maker came to mind.  Hmmm I wonder…

Here’s what I did:

1) Filled coffee machine with water to capacity – mine was 12 cups

2) Placed 3 tea bags in coffee pot

3) Brew!

4) Transfer brewed tea into pitcher

And, here’s what I found:

There wasn’t a need to monitor the amount of time the tea bags were in the hot water. The water is hot, but obviously not the same temperature as boiling water, which I found reduced the risk of the tea becoming too bitter.

I found 3 tea bags were sufficient for 12 cups of water, but if you prefer a stronger tea, you can up the number of tea bags to your liking.

My first attempt was blueberry iced tea using “True Blueberry” by Celestial. Their Fruit Tea Sampler is a great way to try different tea flavors.

Today’s flavor – Trader Joe’s Mango Black Tea.

Both came out delicious! It’s always nice to find easier ways to enjoy the things that we like most.

Happy Brewing!

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